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Once there was one Alexander the Great of Macedon. Riding on his favourite Bucephalus, he marched with his invincible army across the continents. While the din of the battles have died down along the routes from the mountains of Greece to the plains of India, the legend did not end at Babylon. Instead of one Alexander of Macedon many Alexanders are now leading their armies in the market place, with the most dangerous weapon- Knowledge.

Present day Alexanders do not march with the armies. Instead they sit in front of the computers and use information to develop plans, programmes and models to conquer the market. They take right decisions at the right time with the help of their knowledge and experience. This time there are many worlds to be won. All are virtual. But the profits are real.

Survival of your organisation is at stake if you do not have some of the modern Alexanders among your employees. How to find them?

-Jagabandhu Banerjee

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