Right Synergy Real Solutions

Our Recruitment Methodology

  • We are flexible in our approaches in getting the right candidates for our clients and continuously keep on changing our strategies. However the following steps show a pattern of activities followed by our recruiters. We are in this business since 1998. Our huge database and network of professionals all over the world give us an advantage. We follow the following steps:

  • Understanding the exact requirements of the client.

  • Initial screening of the database for searching the possible candidates matching the requirements.

  • Talking to the candidates to explain the opportunities without disclosing identity of the client.

  • Checking of the short listed candidate's background through our network.

  • Confirming the interview details to the client and short listed candidates.

  • Continuous communications with the candidates through e-mail, telephone, SMS about the interview dates and timings.

  • Motivating the selected candidates to join the client organization.